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​Here at Central Florida, NewYork, New Jersey iFix Repairs, we are proud of our team of experienced cell phone repair technicians. We have been repairing cell phones of many different makes and models for over 10 years and offer a lower cost alternative to any other repair center. Our state of the art facility, along with our electrical diagnostics and repair area, is staffed by experts who can identify and repair a wide range of issues from cracked screens and broken LCDs, to internal power issues. Our relationship with many manufacturers gives us the ability to offer and install quality replacement parts when they are needed. We give each phone the individualized attention it deserves so you can be asured your repair will be completed with the utmost attention it deserves within a very reasonable timeframe. For all your repair needs, visit our locations

To have your cell phone repaired, contact us with information about the damage that has occurred to your phone. We will then give you an estimate of the overall price that your repairs will cost. After this, you can bring your broken device to one of our shops, send it in by mail or have us come to you to pick it up for repair . We will then repair any damaged parts of your phone, run tests to ensure that the functionality of your phone is still intact, and fix your phone for you.

Breaking your phone is never a pleasant experience, but we are here to make it a little bit easier. Our service will take the hassle out of trying to find a new phone or trying to repair the phone by yourself, and we will save you hundreds of dollars compared to the price of purchasing a new phone. We are ready to help you save your money, save your data, and have your phone back in working condition far before anyone else!

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We work with the best technicians in the industry to get our repair work done. Our senor technicians have 14 year repair experience.
We have 10 stations ready to be filled with our technicians to repair your phones. All parts are prepurchased and kept in stock to expedite the repair process. 
Dropping your phone is a scary experience every time it happens, but even worse than the feeling of dropping the phone is when you realize that this time your phone actually cracked. In the best case, your phone will still work and a crack will simply be in the way of your screen. Of course, when you have a touch screen, this can cause your phone to be unable to register any type of input in the area that is cracked. In the worst case, your phone is completely unusable and no longer works. Purchasing a new phone can be very expensive, and many times, you will not be able to purchase a new phone under the same contract that you are currently under without having to pay hundreds of dollars. Instead of wasting money and simply giving up on your old phone, allow us to fix your broken phone for you.